Business & Marketing Skills, adapted to the Classical Music Market.

What to Expect:

Hands-on Content about Networking, Price-Negotiations,
Self-Management, Content Creation & Branding
11 Live Guest Talks
13.November - 26.November 2023 - Participation is fully digital.
Academy takes 6-8 hours per week.

Academy Content

Step 1

From Analysis to Perfect Fit

Die Career Academy ist ein digital durchgeführter Kurs der auf Grundlage der Ergebnisse einer Survey mit über 160 klassischen Musikern im Alter von 18 bis 57 Jahren inhaltlich konzipiert worden ist.

Step 2

What do professional Artists and Classical Music Experts say?

Durch den Austausch mit etablierten Künstlern und Experten im Bereich der klassischen Musik, konnten wir erarbeitete Inhalte validieren. Zudem involvieren wir guest speaker zu bestimmten Themen, die viele Inhalte noch praxisnaher machen.

Step 3

Our Academy Content

Praxisnahe Inhalte zu Networking, Preisverhandlungen, Selbstmanagement, Content Creation & Branding
12 Live Guest Talks
Enger Austausch mit Experten aus dem Bereich der klassischen Musik


Talks about

Long Term Career Development

Talks about

Concert Acquisition; Dealing with Criticism; Negotiating Fees

Intendant Heidelberger Frühling
Talks about

Organizer / Festival perspective: From contacting to program conception - What is expected from young artists?

Talks about

Authentic Branding - Why career?

Talks about

Vocal identity, finding balance between taste and style / & Die schöne Müllerin, a unique masterpiece.

Talks about

Long Term Career Development

Talks about

Market Overview: Relationships with Agencies, Labels and other relevant Stakeholders.

Double Bassist
Talks about

Career Advancement: Concerts/ Networking/ Marketing/ PR

Artist Management
Talks about

The Role of Agencies in a Classical Music Career. Maker or Helper?

Talks about

Modern vs. Traditional Career Planning // Orchestra vs. Solo.

Founder Dreher.Media GmbH
Talks about

Entrepreneurship; Website Strategy


When does the Academy take place?

13.-26. November 2023 - completely digital via Zoom.

How can I participate?

Sign up for a free initial application call.
After a successful application,
we`ll offer you a place in the academy.

The availability of places at the Career Academy is limited, since we are keeping the academy very personal.

How much time do I need to invest?

Participation takes 6-8h per week
/ the schedule is flexible.

How is the Academy set up?

The Academy is an online workshop with different modules.
It takes place via Zoom Lectures to enable interactivity.
You can attend live or watch Lectures afterwards,
as they are recorded.

This Academy will take place as a digital course online via Zoom. There will be a total of 12 guest speakers. The time commitment is 10 hours per week. Afterwards, each class will be recorded and made available online for participants.

How to Apply

The process


Register without obligation and receive all further information afterwards.

Free Application Call

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Since we want to keep the academy very personal, participation is limited.

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